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The Paleo Diet For Athletes: thoughts

So I finished reading this book and thought I should write down a few things before they get lost in the mess of books and ideas in my brain. Firstly, Loren Cordain knows his stuff and all the info is very well researched.
Unfortunately, I find some research just isn’t reliable. I’m not talking about cherry picking studies either. What I’m saying is that a deep perusal of the methods and results of a study can really change what one would think the conclusion should be.
Anyway, the book is essentially this: when you aren’t in the peri workout window, eat a paleo diet, as outlined in Cordains original paleo diet book. When you ARE in the peri-workout window, eat a conventional, “I’m going to do a marathon or iron man and need to train for it” diet.
That’s the jist. Now, don’t think “oh this book isn’t any good then”, because it is easy to read and is full of a lot of good information. Great information if you’re in the camp of those who are crazy enough to do an event that requires mid-event meals.

Props to Cordains continuous work in the field of nutrition.

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