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Get Healthier AND Help Children

December 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Hey Folks!

For the month of December I will be donating a portion of every new patient visit to the Kids Health Links Foundation, specifically, their program “Upopolis”.  This charity was founded by Basile Papaevangelou and his daughter Christina to help children avoid the isolation that can accompany long stays in hospitals.  Being away from friends, family and school can cause additional stress on children, during a time when their immune systems demand the most of them.  Here is some information about Upopolis:

Upopolis™ is a private social utility that connects young hospital patients to their family, friends and school network .

Kids can use Upopolis to:

  • Build a profile, create a blog and stay in touch with people they know
  • Learn more about their conditions and treatment with kid-friendly medical information
  • Keep up with schoolwork while they’re away from class
  • Look up kids around them in hospital and share their experiences

Now then, to be able to donate money to this cause, I need you to know what I’m offering and why you should spend your time (and money) receiving chiropractic care from me.

You need chiropractic care.  You may not need a lot of it, but every single person will benefit from a properly moving spine.  For your genetics to express health, it needs a certain amount of movement.  Just like animals, plants, or any living thing on the planet, humans have optimal conditions in which to thrive.  Among many other things, a properly moving spine is one of those conditions.  Having exceptional movement in your spine means your brain is receiving full and complete input from your body, as you move it (you ARE moving your body with some regularity, right?).  When the spine isn’t moving well we set ourselves up for all sorts of problems that range from back and neck pain (the most common) to headaches, poor sleep, inadequate digestion, and an inhibited immune system.  I’ll stop there.

The point of this post isn’t to goad you into doing something you don’t want to do (because obviously that would never work).  The point is to try and present to you the reason why chiropractic care is essential to wellbeing, and from there to encourage you to tell your friends, family and coworkers to come in and receive the health care that they need.

And ultimately the more people that come in to realize their health potential, the more I can donate to the awesome cause that is “Upopolis”.

I will be providing chiropractic care @ Element Crossfit (in Mississauga/Oakville) Mondays and Wednesdays 6-8am (please call/email to make an appointment) and Tuesdays and Thursdays 5-9pm.

I look forward to helping you reach your health goals!

Dr. Ball

p.s. Here is the advertisement I’ve drawn up that (if you’d be so gracious) you can post on your facebook wall, twitter, blog, etc.  I’d really appreciate all the help I can get with this promotion as I’d like to donate as much as I can to this cause.  Thank you so much!

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Ugh… Science.

September 15, 2010 Leave a comment
Various fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains; ...

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Hey Everyone,

So after a fair amount of time reading and a comment I made and then instantly regretted making in regards to the vegetarian/vegan diet I have something to post about.  Science.

You have to love it to be interested in health and wellness, as I am.  Unfortunately, once you actually dive deep into the science-y goodness, it turns from a fountain of knowledge, into a huge pile of bullsh*t, with the odd nugget of gold (not corn) interspersed.  Unfortunately, todays post is not about the gold.

I like to think of my time as valuable.  And in endeavoring to learn and increase my knowledge, I like to read.  For the past few years I’ve read everything from blogs to books, to magazine and journal articles.  From the poorly researched, to the overly researched to the not researched at all (sort of like this post, I suppose).  This post is about the naysayer.  The Debbie downer.  Negative Nancy.

This person gets “published”, and doesn’t deserve it at all.  This person often is the author of randomized controlled trials that don’t tell you anything.  Those trials that required some SERIOUS statistical gaming to come up with significance.  This person gets published in arenas where all they’ve done is criticize someone else and offer nothing of value to the world.

I’m tired of reading this crap.  I don’t know how these people can feel fulfilled while making a living off spewing negativity and putting people down.

Ok.  Onto the guts of this post.  I commented on the Men’s Journal article about how to become a vegan.  I knew I shouldn’t have.  I knew it would attract the wrong kind of attention, but I thought my easy-going nature and polite tone would save me a lot of trouble.  It more or less did.  The jist of my post; read about the diet, and it’s positives and negatives before trying it, please.  I asked people to consider reading Lierre Keith’s “The Vegetarian Myth” for a great argument against the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle/diet.  I only received 2 comments, but one of them said this:

“You are wrong.”  and “Lierre Keith?  Are you kidding me?  She’s been completely debunked!”

The person then provided me with a website where the debunking occurs.  I humoured this person and read the site.  I won’t post it here because it isn’t worth wasting your time reading.  It’s complete crap.  Perfect for someone, say a vegan, who wants to feel reassured that what they’re doing is right.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t debunk anything.  All the critique does, is attack the WAY she makes her arguments.  So now the person can feel at ease, because that person who challenged their paradigm was wrong, of course.

Moving on.  I read a lot of Robb Wolf’s information and generally agree with what he has to say.  I recently heard he did an interview on T-Nation and there was a subsequent review/reply to this interview by Alan Aragon.  Alan Aragon apparently publishes a literature review each month.  I have nothing bad to say about Aragon as I haven’t read his publication.  This argument is purely with his appraisal of the Robb Wolf Interview.  I feel as though he’s jealous of Wolf’s current fame (if you’d call it that?) and has a bone to pick with anyone who says anything that isn’t backed up 100% by a randomized controlled trial.  I’m not going to post his review here as it’s a document that costs money.  He attacks Wolf in a way that makes Wolf seem unscientific and biased.  According to Aragon, the paleo approach to diet that Wolf advises is unscientific because any speculation about what paleolithic people ate is purely that, speculative.  So then I guess the existence of dinosaurs needs to be reconsidered too, since it’s also speculative?  I mean, there are no LIVE dinosaurs around now, so who’s to say the bones weren’t engineered by some evil (and extremely creative, and awesome, might I add) scientist?  Where the “concrete” evidence for that?

In his review he offers a lot of arguments against not only WHAT Robb Wolf says, but HOW he says it.  He insults Wolf for using correlative data, but then criticizes Wolf later, backing up his criticism with correlative data.  It’s ridiculous and most importantly for me… it’s exhausting!

You’re killing me people!  Asking people not to eat grains due to the phytic acid, lectins, lack of nutrients and abundance of insulin spiking carbohydrates is NOT nutritional blasphemy!  If you don’t agree with someone’s information, give a reason and an alternative.  Simply putting someone down isn’t doing anyone any good and is DEFINITELY not improving “science”.

Thanks for reading, the next post will be positive, I promise

p.s. Make sure you actually READ the journal articles you read too.  Methods and Results and that’s it.  Come to your own conclusions on what the data says.